My name is Scotty Holliman I was born in Gulfport Mississippi. I was first exposed to tattoos from my family when they started getting tattoos years ago. I always thought they were neat looking, therefore when I turned eighteen my mom and dad brought me to get my first one. I started coming in the shop to get more and more, so one day I was in the shop they pulled me to the side and asked if I would like to work doing customer service, of course me being interested in tattoos I said yes. I started off helping the customers do there paper work, getting Id’s, etc. Then finally one day Jack asked if I had an interest in tattooing or maybe piercing. I said yes. I was watching everyone doing the tattoos and always liked the way they would turn out. Therefore Jack offered me an apprentice position and I took him up on both tattooing and piercing. I have learned a lot from everyone in the shop and I still have a lot to learn.