Welcome to Jack & Diane's Tattooing

Welcome to the Web site of Jack & Diane's Tattooing. Since 1981 Jack & Diane's has become one of the premier Tattoo Studios in the U.S. This year (2017) will be our 36th year of tattooing here on the Coast. We would like to thank everyone that has walked through our doors. It has been a lot of fun and a great experience. We will continue our efforts to make your tattoo experience the best we can.

Phone Number: (228) 864-4764 / Email: jndtat2@cableone.net

Business Hours: Monday-Saturday 12-9.  Closed Sundays

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Check out our Custom Chopper built by Jack. Click on the "About" link above. 

Studio Tips:

Have a valid State issued ID if you plan on visiting us, it is a State law that you must be 18 to get tattooed. The piercing age is also 18 with the exception of the outer ear.

Children under 13 are not allowed in the Studio, unless getting ears pierced.

No photography without permission inside the studio. This includes cell-phones.

Please use cell-phone etiquette while in our studio, we cannot provide the service you desire if you are on the phone.

Due to our busy work schedule, if you are considering a custom design you must contact us a few days before you plan on getting the tattoo, so that we have ample time to draw the design.